The NT LLLT EVRL cold laser:

The Erchonia EVRL Violet and Red Laser is Erchonia’s newest handheld laser in smart phone form factor, featuring an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a new sleek wireless design. 

The EVRL laser Operates at a wavelength of 405 nm and 635 nm, the Erchonia Violet and Red Laser provides the practitioner with an innovative tool thanks to the versatility of the treatments.

What is cold laser treatment?

NT LLLT therapy, also known as cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation therapy , is a type of phototherapy designed to repair tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, target fat , and provide other benefits to patients as part of medical treatments. 

During the treatment, the device emits a non-thermal laser beam which is placed on the target area.   

Low light level lasers penetrate tissue without heating or damaging the skin.

Unlike traditional lasers, which use around 300 watts, cold lasers use between 5 and 500 milliwatts. True to their name, they do not burn the skin or produce pain, and the FDA assigns them an NT classification (non-heating instruments). In contrast, a laser used for surgical operations cuts the skin and can lead to severe scarring and pain.

The mechanism of action of the EVRL laser:

  1. The cold laser recognizes and reacts with the receptors (cytochrome c oxidase) which are found in the membranes of the mictochondria.
  2. It activates secondary cascades of the cell and among other things, it promotes the passage of adenosine bi to triphosphate)
  3. It affects the behavior and function of cells at the level of high regulatory genes producing biological effects in the organism such as: inhibition and modulation of cell proliferation (cullin 2019), it modulates the immune system, it promotes healing, it improves blood circulation, it prevents inflammation, analgesic effect repairs nerve connections….

Clinical results:

EVRL Case Studies

Stimulation and healing of wounds

EVRL Laser Acne Removal

EVRL Laser Acne Removal


Wounds hard to heal

Stimulation of hair growth against alopecia

Effect after EVRL laser treatment

Skin infections and pimples

Healing wounds and burns 

wound healing


Raynaud’s phenomenon




Erchonia EVRL NT LLLT Treatments:

  • low back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Onychomycosis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Healing of post-operative wounds
  • stimulation of the immune system 

International health certifications:

Quality certificates that guarantee the fulfillment of the main international standards.

EVRL Certification


EVRL Laser Data Sheet:
Configuration: (1) 7.5 mW line generated red laser diode, (1) <5 mW line generated Violet laser diode with patented optics
Wavelengths: 635nm & 405nm
Modulation: Constant Wave (CW) and Pulse (Hz) (red only)
40 user-defined memory channels
Display: Color TFT touch screen technology for easier operation
Power Source: 3.7 VDC Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Enclosure: Micro-Textured Anodized Aircraft Aluminum for Strength and Ease of Cleaning
Weight: 0.95lbs (.42 kg) (Device only)
Accessories : Power Supply, Wireless Charging Cradle, Carrying Case and Laser Safety Goggles.

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